Check your practitioner!

This is an open register to quickly check if your practitioner is registered with us or cooperation partner*. We allow independent practitioners and holders of diplomas from accredited naturopathic medical schools into our registers.

Registered practitioners are held to ethics guidelines and continue their education regularly.

Please let us know if you suspect your practitioner of unfair claims about being on this website.

Types of Authorization:

Full – Authorized to practice and teach
Authorized – Authorized to practice
Pending – Authorization pending (this can be due to a late continuing education, or a student who just graduated from a partnered university, and we have not received their credentials yet)
Revoked – Not registered and failed to comply with our rules and regulations

Types of Certifications (in hierarchical order):

Naturopath, NMP/D – Professional Diploma/Degree in Naturopathy >4 years (4000+ hours)
Naturopath, NMP – Professional Diploma in Naturopathy 2-4 years (~2500 hours)
Naturopath – Naturopathy certificate (<2500 hours)
Student – Still studying naturopathic medicine