Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine

This program allows students with a science background to study naturopathic medicine. This program consists of a rigorous science-based curriculum, that teaches both medicine and naturopathic medicine. This online-only program does not qualify participants to partake in NPLEX licensing boards (this is especially important for US and Canada).

For who

This program is for doctors who want to learn more about naturopathic medicine and apply these principles in their practices. This program is also for non-clinicians who want to have a strong theoretical basis for naturopathic medicine without clinical rotations.

If you are not a clinician and wish to practice naturopathic medicine, visit our Post Bachelor Track: Naturopathic Medicine page and learn more about a combination track with an accredited university.


Prerequisites are to ensure students are academically prepared for the curriculum of the program.

  • An advanced degree (B/M) in a STEM field or equivalent
  • English proficiency

Transfer of credits

We accept credits from national universities from all over the world provided that the curriculum matches the separate topics.


The fee is € 3500 per year and takes on average 2-3 years to complete.

(Recommended) books are not included, but online course material of course is.