Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine

Discover an innovative and flexible approach to studying Naturopathic Medicine with our online program. Begin by mastering essential theoretical concepts through our comprehensive, self-paced online curriculum. Once you’ve built a strong foundation, you can transition seamlessly into hands-on practice by partnering with a seasoned naturopathic practitioner for internships, clerkships, and supervised practical exams.

Our unique program structure allows you to tailor your educational journey to your personal needs and goals. With a one-time fee granting access to the entire theoretical portion, you can progress at your own pace without breaking the bank. When you’re ready to bring your newfound knowledge to life, immerse yourself in practical experiences that will deepen your expertise and prepare you for a rewarding career in naturopathic medicine.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, and earn a prestigious diploma in Naturopathic Medicine, all while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of our one-of-a-kind program.


The prerequisites are to ensure students are academically prepared for the curriculum of the program.

  • An advanced degree (B/M) in a STEM field or equivalent
  • English proficiency

Transfer of credits

We accept credits from national universities from all over the world provided that the curriculum matches the separate topics.

Unique Study Program

We think it should be accessible to study therefore we like you to experience the flexibility and affordability of our online Naturopathic Medicine program.

It offers a one-time fee for the entire online program. This distinctive feature sets our program apart from others in the field. With an average completion time of 4 years, our students can focus on their studies without the burden of mounting tuition costs.

As you successfully complete prerequisite courses, you’ll unlock access to new modules, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning journey.

Upon completing our program, you will have gained all the essential theoretical knowledge you need in the field of naturopathic medicine (for now, as it is an ever-expanding field requiring ongoing learning). With this foundation, you can confidently venture into the world and seek out a naturopathic university*, school*, or practice* where you can complete internships, clerkships, and master practical skills. Once you have successfully finished these practical components, the institution can notify us, and we can replace your online diploma with one to acknowledge your comprehensive training.

What happens when I don’t start an internship?

We understand that life can be unpredictable, and you may not be ready to begin your internship or may face challenges in securing a placement. Rest assured, there’s no need for concern! Upon completing the online program, you’ll receive a diploma that remains valid for a minimum of 5 years. This gives you ample time to find a suitable internship opportunity and embark on the practical aspect of your studies when the timing is right for you.

When does the program start?

Our program’s online orientation offers a significant advantage over traditional schools by providing more frequent starting points. There’s no need to wait to begin your journey! However, due to the interactive nature of some classes, which allow students to ask their teachers questions, there may be occasional delays in accessing new subjects after completing a course and receiving a grade.

To ensure a smooth learning experience, we grant access to the first round of courses for new students before the 15th of each month, as long as they have enrolled in the previous month. This approach helps balance the need for teacher-student engagement while maintaining the flexibility and convenience our program is known for.


Fees and Program Format

Unlike other schools, we do not work with yearly tuition. This is to make naturopathic education as accessible as possible.

Transfer of Credits

As you apply to our program, please be sure to include any relevant credits from other universities or schools, as we recognize and accept transfer credits. When assessing your credits, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. Credits are accepted 100% (Discount on tuition)
  2. Credits are accepted, but you must pass an exam with us (Discount on tuition)
  3. Credits are not deemed sufficient (No Discount on tuition)

Our team has the final say in credit transfer decisions, and each case is evaluated individually to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of your prior academic achievements.

Application Fee

Please note that we require a non-refundable application fee of €200. However, once you have been accepted into our program, this amount will be deducted from your final payment, ensuring that the application fee contributes towards your overall program cost.

Fee Overview

Fee Amount ($) Amount (€) Frequency
Sign up Fee 220 200 One time
Program* 7200 6500 One time
Course Name Included Study Time (Hours) Study Points
Anatomy, Embryology, and Histology Y 80 3
Human Physiology and Endocrinology Y 80 3
Biochemistry Y 90 4
Intro to Clinical Practice Y 80 3
Philosophical and Historical Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Y 80 3
Mathematics and Statistics Y 80 3
Pharmacology Y 120 3
Medical Genetics Y 60 3
Immunology Y 80 3
Clinical Reasoning and Diagnosis Y 100 3
Neurology Y 80 3
Cardiovascular Diseases Y 80 3
Endocrine Health Y 80 3
Gastrointestinal Health Y 80 3
Integrative Oncology Y 80 3
Integrative Pain Management Y 80 3
Naturopathic Therapies Y 200 4
Physical Medicine Y 90 4
Botanical Medicine Y 90 3
Nutrition Y 90 4
Chinese Medicine Y 90 4
Emergency Medicine Y 90 4
Intro to Clinical Practice Skills Lab N 120  4
Clinic Entry Skills Assessment N 40 1
Practice Pulmonology N 40 2
Clinical Clerkships I N 80  3
Practice Rheumatology N 40 2
Practice Muscul / Ortho N 40 2
Clinical Clerkships II N 120 4
Affect Psychotherapy /Crisis Intervention N 40 3
Clinical Clerkships III N 80 4
Comprehensive Clinical Skills Assessment I N 40 4
Clinical Clerkships IV N 260 8
Practice: Neurology N 40 3
Practice: Urology / Kidney / Male / Female N 40 3
Men’s Female’s Health N 40 3
Clinical Clerkships V N 260 8
Practice: Oncology N 40 4
Comprehensive Clinical Skills Assessment II N 40 4
Clinical Clerkships VI N 400 16
Total Theoretical 1980 71
Total Practical 1760 78
Total 3740   149  

Online Learning

Our school provides the theoretical foundation of naturopathic medicine through an online platform, making it accessible to individuals worldwide who may not have a naturopathic school nearby. This approach offers numerous advantages, but it also presents a significant challenge: students must find their own local mentor to do their clerkships and practical exams.

We are actively collaborating with other programs to develop solutions that benefit as many students as possible. While we can guide you on conducting physical exams or applying various physical medicine techniques, hands-on experience remains invaluable. This practical exposure also helps students determine their preferred area of expertise within naturopathic medicine, such as counseling or physical therapies.

We understand the eagerness to start your own practice; however, patient safety remains our top priority.


Our Naturopathic Medicine program aims to deliver a thorough and rigorous education, but please be aware that the recognition and regulation of naturopathic medicine vary globally. Students are responsible for:

A: Securing their own practical coach in their area to fulfill the requirements for a complete program. Students should ensure that they verify the validity of their chosen practical institute with their national/regional regulations and laws.

B: Researching and understanding the local laws and regulations governing the practice of naturopathic medicine in their region. This includes, but is not limited to, any licensing or certification requirements. For students in the United States and Canada, please note that our program does not qualify you for the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX).

By enrolling in our program, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and accept the responsibility to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the practice of naturopathic medicine in your jurisdiction.

*When participating in practical training at other institutions, their respective fees will apply.