Post Bachelor Track: Naturopathic Medicine

This program allows student without a science background, or who are missing a significant number of classes to complete the necessary prerequisites for a naturopathic medicine program.

This program prepares you to continue your studies at an accredited university for natural medicine.

The diploma

Once you are done with this track, you will receive a certificate of completion, and when you are done with the full program at the university, you are invited to take part in our final examination program. After successful completion, we make sure you get our full diploma.


Prerequisite courses are designed to ensure entering students are academically prepared for the curriculum of the program.

  • Bachelors degree in any field
  • English proficiency
  • Algebra, 1 course or placement exam
  • General Biology (must include cellular biology and genetics) or placement exam
  • General Chemistry or placement exam

Transfer of credits

We accept credits from national universities from all over the world provided that the curriculum matches the separate topics.


The tuition depend on the full program of the university. The online part is € 1.500,- and awards you a certificate of completion. After you finish the university program you also receive a diploma from us at no additional costs. You are then also automatically registered into our ‘check your practitioner‘ directory.

Curious about current fees? You can find a list of universities here: